Burgeree Acoustic Materials (Beijing) R&D Center holds the 2024 Spring Festival Tea Party!
2024-01-30 19:43:55
      Purple energy comes from the east to bid farewell to the old year, and the spirit of dragon and horse brings good luck At the moment of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new Everyone gathered together happily Welcome the arrival of the new year together Looking back on the past Burgeree has achieved one brilliant achievement after another Various undertakings take root and take root Looking ahead to the future All the beauties of the Bai family are full of fighting spirit Bravely move forward and continue the chapter of glory!

       On January 27th, the Spring Festival Tea Party of Burgeree Acoustic Materials (Beijing) R&D Center was grandly held at the Changbai Mountain International Hotel in Beijing. More than 100 experts and scholars, including representatives from Tsinghua University, the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Textile Industry Federation, the China Film Distribution and Projection Association, the Beijing Acoustics Society, Beijing New Building Material Group Co., Ltd., the China Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving Materials Association, the China Industrial Textile Industry Association, and the Zhongguancun Electronic Chamber of Commerce, attended today's luncheon. The scene was bright and warm, and people from all walks of life gathered together to welcome the Spring Festival and talk about a beautiful blueprint. 

                                                                                           New Year's Message to the Future

      The Spring Festival Tea Party officially kicked off in the annual promotional video of Burgeree. Li Lingshen, Vice President of the China Textile Industry Federation, Yan Xiang, Director of the Architectural Physics Laboratory of Tsinghua University, Shao Bin, Chief Supervisor of the Beijing Acoustics Society, and Yang Jun, Deputy Director of the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively addressed the Burgeree group visit. The speakers expressed their great pleasure at being invited to the group visit of the Burgeree Acoustics Materials (Beijing) Research and Development Center, and they agreed that the steady development of Burgeree high-speed was obvious to all, We highly praise and affirm Burgeree's product technology and design research and development innovation, and wish Burgeree greater success under the leadership of Chairman Zuo Hongyun!

      Zuo Hongyun, Chairman of Burgeree, delivered an enthusiastic thank-you speech. He first welcomed and thanked the guests present, and reviewed the achievements of Burgeree over the past year. He stated that the achievements of Burgeree were inseparable from the excellent teachers and businessmen present, and were also the result of the joint efforts of all employees. Looking towards the future, the whole company must have firm confidence, cohesive force, open mindedness, adhere to characteristic development and innovative development, effectively enhance the sustainable development ability of Burgeree products, take greater steps on the road of consolidating high-quality sustainable development, demonstrate greater achievements, achieve greater breakthroughs, and achieve greater results!

      For eighteen years, Burgeree has been in its prime since its establishment in 2007. It has been dedicated to the research and development, design, production, and sales of building acoustic materials, providing customers with technical support for acoustic product applications and professional building acoustic solutions. The company's products have been widely recognized by countries around the world and have won numerous awards at home and abroad, including the German Red Dot Award, the Japanese Good Design Gold Award, the German Hanover IF Design Award, and the RIBA Sustainable Development Outstanding Contribution Award. Burgeree deeply cultivates industry technology and serves customers with dedication. With the spirit of craftsmanship and product strength, it has won the favor and trust of multiple Fortune 500 companies and established close cooperative and friendly relationships. At present, it has been applied to places with high requirements for sound environment and decoration, such as the Zhongnanhai project, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference auditorium, Beijing Olympic venues, Steelcase, Armstrong, Herman Miller, Tesla, Alibaba, Huawei, etc.

      After the tea party, President Zuo Hongyun led the distinguished guests to visit the exhibition hall of Burgeree Acoustic Materials (Beijing) R&D Center and held a seminar and exchange activity, introducing Burgeree products and design processes in detail to the arriving guests. The distinguished guests highly affirmed and praised the starting point and innovative products of Burgeree, and gave high hopes for breakthrough development in the future.

      The majestic road is like iron, and now we are taking steps from the beginning. Burgeree has embarked on a new journey, shouldering a new mission, and will also achieve new leaps in development. We wish Burgeree Acoustic Materials (Beijing) R&D Center to benefit all parties, benefit society, and achieve a win-win future!

       Spring plowing and summer cultivation, autumn harvest and winter storage ,We have a long and arduous road to go, and we keep moving forward step by step,We march triumphantly and seize the opportunity to move forward,Show greater achievements,Achieving greater breakthroughs,Achieve greater results.