Honour|Burgeree was awarded the honorary title of "Suzhou Famous Export Brand" for 2023-2024
2024-01-26 09:21:39

      In order to strengthen the cultivation of independent foreign trade brands, form new competitive advantages in trade, and promote high-quality development of foreign trade, Suzhou has increased its support for brand building, encouraging enterprises to build and create brands, and helping enterprises enhance their international competitiveness. Recently, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced the list of Suzhou's export famous brands for the years 2023-2024, with Burgeree being honored.

      "Suzhou Famous Export Brands" is a strict review of the declared enterprises from six aspects: research and development innovation ability, international standards, market sales, intellectual property protection, global operation, and social evaluation. A group of enterprises with Suzhou local characteristics, excellent quality, independent technology, and strong competitiveness are selected, requiring them to enjoy high international recognition and reputation, replacing foreign imports Burgeree, a leading export enterprise brand that fills the domestic gap, has been awarded this title for many consecutive years.

      Winning this honor is not only a full affirmation of Burgeree's commitment to research and development innovation and continuous promotion of high-quality external development, but also an encouragement and encouragement. It further motivates Burgeree to take advantage of the situation, integrate into the new development pattern of international and domestic dual circulation, and vigorously practice the concept of external development. Aim at the forefront of science and technology, accelerate the localization of independent innovation, lay a solid foundation for high-quality development, strive to build a world-class enterprise, provide Burgeree solutions for the connectivity of the "the Belt and Road", and contribute to the strength of private enterprises.