Burgeree Exhibits at IMM Cologne
2024-01-26 09:15:04
       On January 14,2024, IMM Cologne opened at Exhibition Centre Cologne, which began in 1949 and is an internationally renowned furniture fair. IMM Cologne Is the annual gathering place for manufacturers, distributors, architects, designers, end users, design organizations and media in the home furnishing design world, and is the launch pad for innovation in the home furnishing industry. IMM Cologne provide ideas and introductions from leading companies and emerging talent, shaping the home environment of today and the future, and providing policymakers with unparalleled innovative solutions for policymakers.

       With the theme of "Connecting the community", the exhibition deeply cultivates the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, and presents an innovative home furnishing product application to the global audience. To promote the cooperation, sharing, mutual support and common development among the various "communities", focusing on the display of new products, new solutions and new results. The exhibition has attracted more than 150,000 professional visitors from 128 countries, including 45% of the foreign visitors. It is a truly international exhibition.

      The exhibition lasted for 5 days from January 14 to 18. As a leading enterprise in the architectural and home acoustics in China, Burgeree also appeared as scheduled, appearing at booth C-57 of Hall 8 with many new products and application solutions. This time, Burgeree chose a series of design combination wall, module box group, cat climbing wall, pudding stool, storage bucket and other products, to show Burgeree high quality products, innovative technology and excellent service! The strong product lineup let many exhibitors stopped by.

      Burgeree has deeply developed in the field of architectural acoustics for 17 years, committed to the research and development and innovation of architectural home acoustic product technology, accumulated a wealth of product technical solutions. For home construction enterprises, Burgeree relies on the professional advantages in the field of acoustics, and specifies efficient and natural acoustic system solutions for customers, including schools, office buildings, stadiums, cinemas and other scenarios, to provide users with stable and reliable customized services! On Burgeree’s booth, Burgeree’s sales team showed the guests multidimensional each exhibits advantages, characteristics and application scenarios, crowded exhibition hall, attracted many guests stop to watch and on-site consultation, exhibition personnel communicate with each other, to discuss the future development, popular, won wide attention and praise. In addition, in order to show Burgeree's products and technologies more vividly to visitors, Burgeree plays corporate promotional videos and product brochures in the booth. Through the corporate display and product display, visitors can better understand and appreciate Burgeree's leading position and outstanding performance in the home building acoustics industry.

      Keep moving forward with a strong determination. By the unique design and technology, Burgeree shows the application of PET materials in the office & home and architectural acoustics to the public, the original design of intelligent products is the eternal way of Burgeree. Burgeree PET acoustic products have experienced a lot of steps of evoltution. On the performance and production, Burgeree has been leading the industry development and innovation, the production process, without adding glue, directly through the thermal pressure process for bonding, is a flame retardant green recyclable products, and simple, and material assembly and break the limitations of traditional materials, do with, no formaldehyde without harmful gas, truly green environmental protection, more infinite fit the customer's idea. In the future, Burgeree will continue to work hard to innovate and provide consumers with better products and services!

      Here, I would like to thank the friends for their support and recognition of Burgeree. We will explain the world's leading home building acoustic solutions to your customers with unparalleled enthusiasm! Welcome people from all walks of life to visit us !