When disaster struck, help came from all sides | Burgeree Donated RMB 100,000 for Earthquake Relief in Gansu Province
2023-12-28 19:21:06

      When disaster struck, help came from all sides. On December 18 at 23:59 Beijing time, Gansu Linxia State Jishishan County 6.2-magnitude earthquake, focal depth of 10 kilometers. After the 6.2-magnitude earthquake in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province, under the instructions of Chairman Mr.Zuo Hongyun, Burgeree immediately donated RMB 100,000 to the disaster area to help the earthquake relief. The donation has been transferred to the Charity Association of Baoan Dongxiang Autonomous County through Burgeree Charity Foundation.

      The earthquake were affecting the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. In addition to the first batch of donations have been to the disaster areas, the company's employees also actively donated money and materials to the disaster areas, hoping to convey a love and warmth to the compatriots in the earthquake-stricken areas.

      Burgeree will continue to pay attention to the disaster situation and the follow-up progress, to provide help to the people in the disaster area, pray for the affected areas to have a recovery as soon as possible , wish people happy and healthy, home safe and sound!