Exciting Review | Burgeree Appears at 2023 Guangzhou Design Week!
2023-12-22 15:07:32
      From December 8th to 11th, the 2023 Guangzhou Design Week, an authoritative Asian design event, kicked off grandly. This design week focuses on "Surprise AMAZE" as the theme exhibition direction, with an exhibition size of 180000 square meters, bringing together over 1000 brand enterprises and institutions suitable for contemporary living aesthetics from more than 20 countries around the world, as well as 40+super curation projects for joint exhibition. During the same period, more than 150 main theme events will be held, forming a huge and innovative exhibition pattern of "three museum linkage, larger scale, more content, and richer business opportunities", Continue to lead the largest exhibition in the Asian design industry.

      As an old friend of Guangzhou Design Week, Burgeree also made an appearance as scheduled, bringing numerous new products and masterpieces to the 7D12 exhibition hall of Guangzhou Design Week Poly World Trade Expo, opening a four-day acoustic feast. Innovatively creating diversified application scenarios, interpreting the unique decorative aesthetics of Burgeree materials, has attracted a constant influx of people since its launch, attracting numerous design experts and guests to come and experience.

      At this year's Guangzhou Design Week, Burgeree showcased the product and its manufacturing process to convey the theme of "green acoustic space" to visitors. With the continuous acceleration of urbanization across the country, the concepts of health, safety, green environmental protection, and sustainable development are increasingly ingrained in people's hearts. When people enjoy the convenient life brought by high technology, they also pay more attention to their own quality of life: is food hygienic? Is the air fresh? Is furniture environmentally friendly? Is the living environment quiet? Providing users with a comfortable and healthy living experience has always been Burgeree's service tenet. Respecting the natural environment is also to meet human needs. The people-oriented design concept is not only reflected in the environmental protection, simplicity, and durability of materials, but also in the peaceful experience brought by humanized material details.

      Burgeree has been committed to creating world-class building acoustic materials, continuously investing in high-end product research and design, and being applied in various iconic engineering constructions worldwide. At the Burgeree booth, Sales Director Zhu Wei introduced the application of Burgeree acoustic materials to the Zhongnanhai project, National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) auditorium, Beijing Olympic venues, Shanghai World Expo, Steelcase, Armstrong, HermanMiller, Tesla, Alibaba, Huawei and other places with high requirements for acoustic environment and decoration. Manager Zhu also mentioned that Burgeree materials are easy to assemble and break through the limitations of traditional materials, achieving on-demand installation and occupancy, free from formaldehyde and harmful gases, truly achieving green environmental protection, and more in line with the designer's ideas.

      The decorative materials and furniture products presented inside and outside the Burgeree exhibition hall are all made of two-component polyester core structure fibers recycled from waste cola bottles, which are made into new sound-absorbing materials through needle punching and composite cold and hot pressing processes. They are then cut and assembled by digital cutting machines. The addition of low melting point PET in the fiber layer eliminates the need for glue in the product and allows for direct bonding through hot pressing technology; In addition, it is melted into a porous structure during subsequent hot pressing processing, and a needle punching process is used to make the material have good sound absorption and breathability.

      In order to meet the growing demand of users, Burgeree closely links the characteristics of its products with the functional needs of daily life. By integrating the supply chain across all categories, Burgeree continuously provides users with functional sound-absorbing products with multiple specifications, colors, and processes, ensuring that every user can find the perfect solution.