Sprint Season 4, Fighting for Record! Burgeree Successfully Holds 2023 Fourth Quarter Goal Sprint Mobilization Conference
2023-10-26 13:42:08
       Salute the way you came, and strive at the right time. On October 16th, Burgeree held a fourth quarter goal sprint mobilization conference. Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun attended the meeting and delivered a speech, mobilizing the enthusiasm, full motivation, and pragmatic style of the entire company. He transformed the theme spirit of this meeting into the biggest driving force for pressure, hard work, and steady development. He rushed to the fourth quarter with every second, striving for the best results of the year's development, laying a solid foundation for the work of 2024, building a hard core support, and injecting strong momentum. All Burgeree employees attended this meeting. 

       Vice General Manager Pan Dongfang delivered a summary speech on the sales situation for the first three quarters of 2023. Firstly, we reviewed the overall revenue and sales situation and strategic layout progress of the company this year. In the first three quarters of 2023, the company actively and effectively responded to the challenges of severe and complex situations, and made progress, united and worked hard to overcome difficulties. With the joint efforts of all Burgeree employees, the company's overall sales volume increased by 32.79% year-on-year, and achieved excellent results in industry share and category sales ranking. While maintaining the steady development of sales performance, the company has also made many scientific and technological achievements: as the main drafting unit, it revised the national standard GB/T 4132-2023 Thermal Insulation Terminology, was responsible for drafting the People's Republic of China building materials industry standard JC/T 2704-2022 Polyester Fiber Decorative Sound Absorbing Board, and won the AAA credit rating certificate of the enterprise, the leader of industrial scientific and technological progress, the exemplary organization of the industry and other honors, This represents an important step taken by the company in the field of architectural acoustics.

       Safety is no small matter, responsibility outweighs days. At the meeting, Zhang Chi, the person in charge of Burgeree's safety and environmental department, gave a comprehensive safety production education and work report, providing a detailed introduction to the problems discovered in production recently and the rectification situation. For safety management, it is not only the responsibility of leaders and parties involved, but also the responsibility of all employees. For the development of the enterprise, personal safety, and the happiness of the family, we prioritize "safety" and strictly follow job responsibilities, safety regulations, and safety technical operation standards to complete every task. Conduct safety hazard investigation before and after work, take timely measures to eliminate potential hazards if any problems are found, and ensure the safety of the work environment. Keep in mind the safety concept of "safety is more important than everything, above everything, and before everything", and each person should shoulder their own safety responsibilities, work together, overcome difficulties, and make due contributions to creating a brilliant and brilliant tomorrow for the enterprise.

       Burgeree has been developing for 16 years since 2007. So far, Burgeree has become a member of the industry in setting industry standards and has become an industry benchmark, export brand, etc. In 2023, the company was invited to participate in multiple domestic and international exhibitions such as the Neocon exhibition in the United States, the Guangzhou Design Week exhibition, and the BAU exhibition in Munich, Germany. It also had its own unique large permanent exhibition hall in Chicago, USA, which received positive feedback and widespread praise from domestic and foreign customers. The achievement of various achievements cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of employees working on various fronts both domestically and internationally. At the meeting, the person in charge of the Foreign Trade Department also reported on the performance of the first three quarters and proposed the bottom line and sprint goals for the fourth quarter. We will go all out to sprint for the fourth quarter and fight for the entire year, and the decisive battle will definitely win.

       Looking at the domestic and international situation in 2023, we still face many challenges and cannot afford to slack off in the future. In order to further improve the current work and plan for a good start in 2024, Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun has put forward specific requirements for the next stage of work and requires all employees to comply with and adhere to the company's code of conduct: reverence, gratitude, humility, and propriety. Continuously promoting the Burgeree spirit, always holding a heart of awe and gratitude, and using high morale to promote the comprehensive achievement of the company's strategic goals.

       A thousand mile trip begins with one step. Burgeree will always adhere to its original aspiration and demonstrate its passion for being the first and striving for excellence, igniting the passion for hard work and fighting bravely. Every minute must be taken, and we will truly work hard. By continuously improving and enhancing the "Green Efficiency" action plan, we will increase innovation efforts, expand market share, and build a concept centered on healthy living to achieve sustainable development of the company, Make new and greater contributions to the construction of a new chapter in the domestic building acoustic material industry.