10 years of sincerity to build a dream with a craftsman’s heart
2017-12-14 19:13:04
       The inaugural meeting of Burgeree Charity Naming Fund. Jiangsu Burgeree New Technology Materials Co., Ltd will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ceremony. The grand opening will be held in Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Viking International Resort.

Burgeree advocates the traditional virtues of helping the poor and promoting the social customs of philanthropy in which everyone participates. We advocate charity, care about charity, participate in charity. We will set up Burgeree Charitable Foundation on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Burgeree. We hope to help more people in need through Burgeree Charitable Foundation.

2007 to 2017
        Burgeree has gone through an unforgettable journey for 10 years.
       10 years of hard working, thank you for hand in hand progress,
       10 years of development, thank you for making great achievements together.
       10 years of good harvest, thank you for your excellent efforts.
       Today, Burgeree will open a new starting, cast a new cause!

Burgeree cooperative brands. Just a small par.

        In the solid pace of struggle, indomitable Burgeree people bear in mind the corporate philosophy of reverence, gratitude, humility, and decency.  For the past 10 years, there has been a group of  Burgeree people who, with your extraordinary wisdom and the spirit of never giving up until you reach the goals, having gone all out to march forward bravely, and achieved what has made today’s achievements, cast today’s brilliant. In the past 10 years, you have thrived, you have had lots of good news…

In the past 10 years, Burgeree’s development can not be separated from the hard working of all the employees, the support and help of people from all circles in the field, and the encouragement and support of the local government . Thousands of words in this moment can not express my gratitude. It can only converge into a word———thanksgiving.