Burgeree 2011 Annual Award Meeting
2012-01-11 19:10:14
        January 7th, 2012 is the day for all Burgeree family members to share happiness and achievements. General manager Ms. Pan Jingfeng, because of her passion and persistence to her work, was awarded the gold medal which represents the highst honor of the company ,and an additional 120 thousand RMB as fund for taking the MBA course. Ms Pan Jingfeng is the first one who gets fureducation fund since Burgeree sets up its learning-type enterprise blueprint, setting an examplar for all the staff. 

Success is derived from hardness, Joy is accompanied by sweat. Burgeree, under the guidence of various leaders, the encouragement of staff family members and the support of customers, made great achievements this year. Some staff have presented excellent performance and thus awarded the advanced individual honor.