Burgeree Welcome the New Year’s Coming
2012-01-11 19:10:45
       The end of one year and the begin of a new year is the time for friends who have worked hard to gather together. Burgeree invited its overseas strategic partner and governmental leaders to collectively celebrate the new year. 

       The opening dance "Good Luck Comes"lighted up the joyful atmosphere taking everybody into happiness.

       Overseas strategic partner Brian was singing "The moon represents my heart"

       Design department and administration department staff presented us an graceful Indian dance.

       The sales department presented a passionate shocking dancing, pushing the site atmosphere to its peak.

       GM.Mr Zuo and Burgeree strategic partners took picture together.

       Sharing happiness at the evening party, we hope time would stay rather than sneaking away.

       We firmly believe that tomorrow will be better and we make promise to gather again at next’year’s spring festival celebration.