Good news! Burgeree-Won the Suzhou Quality Award

Burgeree “ Good Teachers” Commendation Activity at Yangcheng Lake Primary School

Architectural Acoustics Lecture Hall

BURGEREE "Architectural Acoustics Lecture Hall"

Childlike innocence grows to dream of the party

——Burgeree aid activity in Yangchenghu primary school

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

When the traditional festival is coming,Burgeree will prepare gifts in advance for all employees. On the afternoon of 9th,June,2021, Burgeree prepare Zongzi and litchi for every employee to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

Design Shanghai Picks

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of "Design Shanghai 2021", the Special Award of "Design Shanghai Picks " was launched again to recognize the extremely high standard of participating brands and designers in the fields of design concept, production technology, culture and art.

Burgeree wins Silver ZIJIN AWARD in 7th Cultural Creative Design Competition

On June 6, the 7th Cultural Creative Design Competition award ceremony and excellent works exhibition was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center

Born for Acoustic | Welcome to visit Burgeree stand K107 at Design Shanghai, new designs to be launched

The pioneer Design Week Shanghai is started. From June 3rd to 6th, 2021, world-class designs and inspired ideas will be shown. It is the 8th Design Shanghai. The topic this year is “Regenerative Design”, including 8 sub-topics: Contemporary design, classic design, kitchen and bathroom design, office design, new materials and applications, accessory design, limited design, TALENTS. Refreshing stands and well-organized activities, you can see and feel the better life driven by “Regenerative Design”.

Born for acoustic|Welcome to visit our booth in ”Design Shanghai 2021” Listening to more beautiful life

In addition to our own booth, Burgeree cooperated with Design Shanghai 2021 to build:

Burgeree |Celebrate the glory of May 1 labor

This Labor Day is quite different, this year is the the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Burgeree launched the communist Classroom

The 79th China Education Equipment Exhibition in Xiamen was held. Burgeree as an important invited exhibitor

Burgeree the 47th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture

During the four-day Guangzhou Home Expo, Burgeree is undoubtedly a star in the industry. In this exhibition, Burgeree focuses on four types of 3D products, a variety of ceiling and lamp products. Its products can be fixed on the wall

Burgeree Guangzhou, Shanghai, looking forward to seeing you!

Let's go to the exhibition Burgeree launched many new products. The 47th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair

Burgeree | Forge ahead, Burgeree won many consecutive government awards

Xiangcheng District 2020 Annual High Quality Development Comprehensive Assessment and Commendation Conference

Burgeree | Harvest satisfaction called Burgeree Spring Festival goods

The Spring Festival in 2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and the epidemic continues. In response to the call of the government, many foreign employees of the company have decided to stay in Jiangsu for the Spring Festival. In order to thank all the staff for their hard efforts for the development of the company over the past year, in order to express the company's care for every employee, the Burgeree Union prepared a rich New Year "gift" for everyone early.

Love and Help to students · Lighting up your dreams

On January 28,2021, Yangcheng Lake Primary School, together with Burgeree, carried out the activity of "Love and Help Students · Light Up Dreams". Director Yin of Yangcheng Lake Town, Mr. Zuo Hongyun of Burgeree, Principal Song Xingguo of Yangcheng Lake Primary School, students who received the scholarship fund and other representatives of teachers and students attended the activity.

Happy 2020 Guangzhou Design Week closed

"Happy 2020 Guangzhou Design Week" came to an end on December 6.Burgeree is honored to share our new interpretation of PET materials with people from all over the country at Asia's leading design industry event!

Burgeree| Design Shanghai 2020

As Asia's top international design trade show, "Design Shanghai" focuses on displaying the world's top design brands on a large scale

The most beautiful workers in Suzhou

Five employees of Burgeree were selected as the "most beautiful laborer" in Suzhou.

Burgeree's love for the Mid-Autumn Festival

2020 is a special year. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are even more rare.The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China.?